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Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

If you are a fast food delivery driver you know that time off the road would mean you weren’t earning money. As such the right insurance is especially important to you.

More than protecting your livelihood, it’s a legal requirement to have the right insurance. Our staff are trained in business vehicle insurance types, including vans and cars that are used for delivery.

Do I need specialist insurance?

Yes. Many brokers and insurers are unable to provide fast food delivery insurance. At Well Dunn we have worked with a variety of insurers to find the best specialist insurers so we can search he market for you.

Why shouldn’t I take the cheapest quote?

As a take away delivery driver looking for insurance quotes you might find that some people will give you a cheaper quote. However, you need to make sure that the quote the other providers give you are ‘like for like’. As specialists we know what you need to protect you and keep you on the road. Other brokers may give you a basic price that doesn’t include every cover you need and may result in you being off the road or even have a claim rejected if you were involved in an accident.