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Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

Fast Food Delivery Insurance

Getting the right cover for fast food delivery is incredibly important, whether you’re delivering from the local curry house and kebab shop, a pizzeria or you’re delivering posh nosh from your local fine dining restaurant. If you’re being paid to deliver food in your own car, you need the right policy. Our Manchester based team of food delivery insurance specialists can help you find a policy that:

  • Keeps you driving legally
  • Covers you in your own car for your own specific working patterns
  • Can be put in place quickly 

Coronavirus - Insurance for Delivering Food For Restaurants

The current Coronavirus situation means restaurants have been forced to close their doors unless they operate a takeaway or delivery service. As such, we’re seeing increasing numbers of restaurants turning to delivery services and hiring new drivers. Whether you’re a first time delivery driving or you’ve been doing it for years, we can help you to secure the right insurance policy.

Will my Standard Car Insurance Policy Cover Food Delivery?

No, you will need an insurance policy that specifically covers you for food delivery. If you deliver food using just your standard personal car insurance, you’re at real risk. If you have an accident or you are pulled over, you could find yourself liable for significant expenses and even faced with a driving conviction.

How Much Does Food Delivery Insurance Cost?

Insurance to cover fast food delivery will cost more than your standard personal use car insurance policy. There are still some great value food delivery insurance deals available out there. But generally, you should expect to pay more and that’s because:

  • Food delivery drivers generally drive more than those driving just for personal use
  • If you’re delivering food, you’re likely to be spending more time driving with time pressures too which could statistically result in a higher likelihood of incident
  • Many food delivery drivers work at night and during hours of darkness, which again increases the risk of incident

Some people will get lower quotes than others and that comes down a few different factors:

  • Your personal no claims record
  • Your driving history and record (those with driving convictions, for example, are likely to have a harder time getting a cheaper quote)
  • The specific car you want to insure for delivery
  • The hours you intend to work
  • Where your car will be kept
  • The excess you’d commit to paying in the event of a claim
  • Other factors that influence even standard car insurance policies

We’ll ask you about all of this during the process of obtaining food delivery insurance quotes for you.

Do you cover food delivery from restaurants?

We can provide cover for food delivery from all sorts of food outlets whether it’s a local takeaway or a Michelin starred restaurant. Our policies cover collection of food from many types of eateries and delivery to their customers.

Do These Insurance Policies Cover Delivery Driving for Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat?


At the time of writing, Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo require all car drivers who want to deliver food for the services to have their own food delivery insurance. We can help you secure a policy that covers you for delivering for them.

Please note that we’re in no way associated with Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo. The application process for food delivery driving for each of these providers requires drivers to have their own hire and reward food delivery insurance policy.

However, there will also be other terms and conditions associated with driving for these providers, including the type of vehicle you need etc. So it’s important to read their terms fully before signing up.

Food Delivery Insurance - Fast

We aim to have your quotes available within minutes but it could take up to an hour. You’ll be told once you’ve completed the process how long it might take. But we work fast and our aim is to have you on the road delivering quickly.

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