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New to Fleet

New to Fleet Insurance

If your business has a fleet of vehicles that you have traditionally insured individually, then we can help.

If you’re new to business fleet insurance, our insurance professionals will talk you through the ins and outs of each policy, and if you decide to arrange your car fleet insurance or van fleet insurance through us, you’ll soon become familiar with your personal account manager who will be your regular contact with Well Dunn Insurance Services.

There are many benefits to moving your vehicles onto a fleet policy including.

  • Additional vehicles added qualify for fleet insurance discount (up to 50%)
  • One common renewal date
  • Cover can be provided for any driver aged over 21
  • Can cover commercial vehicles, cars and private vehicles
  • Specialist schemes with a large range of insurers
  • Advice from fleet insurance experts
  • Flexible payment options

If this sounds like it may be beneficial to you get a quote from us.

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