What are the penalties of using a mobile phone whilst driving in the UK?

It’s important to understand that when it comes to using a mobile phone whilst driving, the law applies to physically touching your phone whilst the vehicle’s engine is running. This includes being stopped at traffic lights as well as when moving. It also applies to other handheld devices as well ...

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How many people die each year from drink and drug driving?

How many people die each year from drink and drug driving? When it comes to drink and drug driving, many people are aware that it is illegal and yet many people still engage in it. The figures are quite astounding when you look at the number of people who are ...

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Did you know what our friends at Insurance Revolution can do?

While many of our customers are familiar with our commercial and specialist vehicle insurance products, did you know that our friends at Insurance Revolution can find you affordable car insurance, even if you have convictions? Insurance Revolution believes it is starting a revolution in the insurance industry for people who generally find ...

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