£20 million in Gross Written Premium

We are celebrating hitting £20 million in gross written premiums after 6 years of trading. From humble beginnings in 2013 we have hit the £20 m landmark earlier today, a few months after opening a new office in Stoke-on-Trent in October 2018. The business currently employs 85 staff with 50 ...

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What Will Driverless Cars Mean For Insurance?

  Driverless cars are surely the latest buzz in the UK and international automobile sectors. In simple words, these are robotic cars which run automatically without human operators. GB had its first brush with driverless cars in 2016 and self-driven cars are expected to hit the road within the coming ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance is vital if you are into any business that involves vehicles and cars. If you are a car dealer or runs a garage, motor trade insurance is a must for you. More precisely, this particular insurance is a legal requirement when you are professionally involved with anything ...

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Does premium fuel make much difference to your driving?

Car owners today are often in a dilemma between regular fuel and premium fuel. Is it okay to stay with the regular fuel? Or should you spend little more for premium fuel? As per the claims made by fuel giants, premium fuel will protect the car better compared to ordinary ...

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How Much Do Telematics Cut The Cost Of Your Insurance By?

Telematics is the latest tool to cut down on your insurance costs. It’s especially handy for young drivers who always have to bear high insurance premiums. Telematics or black box works to convey the driving behavior of the driver to the insurance company. If the driver follows a safe driving ...

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