5 tips for managing a fleet of vehicles

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Fleet management can be full of headaches, especially if you are having to co-ordinate an entire fleet on your own. Whether this is down to the number of vehicles that you have to manage, growing costs that come with a growing fleet and business and different vehicles needing servicing every other day. We have put together 5 tips to help you manage your fleet a little or a lot better.

Run below 130g/km

Carbon emissions are something that are becoming more and more impactful when it comes to road tax and tariffs as well as the breaks that you can get from running a greener fleet. When replacing vehicles in the fleet, purchase vehicles with low CO2 emissions, reducing your carbon footprint and the cost of the fleet.

End of Term Contracts

Drivers with fixed term contracts treat vehicles in very different ways. Some treat them as their own, taking excellent care of them, whereas others don’t. This can cause huge costs when it comes to refurbishing vehicles or financial losses when you come to sell off old fleet vehicles. If you write in strict conditions to the fixed term contracts, mostly imposing financial penalties for vehicles in poor condition then you can limit the cost to the company.

Controlling Mileage

Though you can put limiters on vehicles that can stop drivers from driving at high speeds, putting added wear on vehicles and wasting fuel, mileage is still something that can be an absolute killer to fleet managers. If you can control the mileage with a stricter fuel budget and invest in more fuel efficient vehicles, there are huge savings to be made.

Maintenance Reports

Whenever a car has a tyre changed, a service done, a recall, or a chip repaired in the windscreen make sure you keep all the reports and receipts and create a paper catalogue of everything so you know for a fact that a vehicle had an oil change when it should have done, even if the mechanics didn’t fill in the service history book like you asked.

Fleet Management Software

FMS can save you so much time and energy. There are some that can track where all your vehicles are at any one time, others that monitor the routes that your drivers are taking or some that simply let you keep an accurate record of tax, service, mileage and condition, providing alerts when action needs taking. Whatever you need it for, there is software out there can reduce headaches and make your job much easier.

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