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Counterfeit Penalty Notices

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) have advised the public to be aware of a scam currently in operation on the streets whereby fake penalty notices are being left on car windscreens advising drivers that their vehicle is uninsured. We need to keep our eyes peeled and work together to help ensure others don’t fall victim to this type of scam.

The notices are often labelled as being ‘Insurance Advisory Letters’. People are being led to believe that they are liable to pay a fee or face further action including the impounding of their vehicle.

Some of the documents used are good quality replicas and incorporate the MIB’s branding to fool the unsuspecting victim.

What to do if you receive one?

If you receive a penalty notice advising you that your vehicle is uninsured please check your vehicles insurance online for free at www.askmid.com

If your vehicle is not listed on the website and you have purchased insurance, contact your insurance provider as soon as possible. If you are unable to contact your broker or insurer contact the MIB directly and report this athttp://www.mib.org.uk/Home/en/default.htm

If however you are listed on the www.askmid.com website it is possible you are the recipient of a fake penalty notice. You can call your insurance provider to check that your insurance is up-to-date and they will be able to advise you on the next steps to take with your fake penalty notice.

Fortunately members of the public have brought this to the attention of the MIB and they are working with the Police on finding those behind the scam. Until then, we can all work together and help spread the word of these fake penalty notices.

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