Commercial Wholesale Insurance

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Commercial Wholesale Insurance

You don’t need to be an expert to organise the insurance for your wholesale business. We appreciate that you have enough on your shoulders dealing with the everyday needs such as orders for stock, the production line and staffing.

One of the benefits of using a broker like Well Dunn is that you gain insurance expertise from us.

From the insurer’s perspective, running a wholesale business means that you are liable for everything and everyone involved. A recent case demonstrated just this as an employer was forced to compensate an employee over £17,000 after he suffered an electric shock while a work. The employer was also hit with an additional £2,500 fine for every day that they were not insured correctly. In the end, the business was forced to cease trading as it could not afford to pay its fines.

A specialist broker like Well Dunn can advise you on what covers you require to ensure your business does not fall foul of similar fines.

Jason Lawford, Account Manager stated;
‘We don’t want any of our clients to be left in a situation that could have been remedied with foresight and proper insurance advice. At Well Dunn, we can provide you cover for properties, business interruption, book debts, loss of cash whilst in transit or on your premises, goods in transit and specified all risks.’

To arrange a telephone appointment or visit with Jason, or for advice on your insurances, please call 0161 879 6002.

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