Did you know what our friends at Insurance Revolution can do?

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While many of our customers are familiar with our commercial and specialist vehicle insurance products, did you know that our friends at Insurance Revolution can find you affordable car insurance, even if you have convictions? Insurance Revolution believes it is starting a revolution in the insurance industry for people who generally find it more difficult to get insurance. Insurance Revolution understands that everyone makes mistakes and aims to provide the very best service for the people who are sick and tired of high premiums, poor service and lack of understanding of them as individuals.

Insurance Revolution can help a wide range of convicted drivers, from people with drink driving convictions to those with criminal convictions. Insurance Revolution can also find affordable cover for those who have ‘totted up’ penalty points and ended up with a driving ban, as well as people whose vehicles have been impounded and they need the appropriate insurance to secure their vehicle’s quick release. Not only can Insurance Revolution provide the most appropriate cover for your individual circumstances, but it won’t charge you the earth for the privilege. This is because Insurance Revolution specialises in this sector of the insurance market, so it has access to competitively-priced policies that other brokers don’t.

So if you’re thinking of sorting out your insurance this January, why not visit insurancerevolution.co.uk.

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