How to Drive in Heavy Rain

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So far this Winter, most of the country has avoided snowy conditions. Unfortunately the majority of the country has been hit with rain instead.

We’ve compiled a list on how to drive in heavy rain to help you to avoid disaster.

  • When you get in the car, dry the soles of your shoes on your car mat to make sure your feet don’t slip off the pedals.
  • Drive slowly! Remember that it takes a car a much longer distance to stop on wet roads than on dry roads.
  • Don’t drive through big puddles – you don’t know what will be in the water, nor can you see how deep it is.
  • Avoid spray from larger vehicles such as buses, trucks and vans.
  • Avoid using your brakes too harshly to make sure you don’t skid. Try easing off your accelerator first.
  • Avoid the edges of roads where big puddles can be lurking.
  • Don’t drive further than you can see. Glare from oncoming traffic and lightning can cause temporary loss of visibility in heavy rain.
  • If you are driving through deep water that comes higher than the bottom of your doors, turn around and return the way you came. Water can cause serious problems to your vehicles electrics, and you could find yourself stranded with a broken down vehicle.
  • Brakes can be affected by water. Remember to test your brakes by pushing slowly on the brake pedal to test they work as soon as possible after driving through water. If they are not fully effective, applying light pressure whilst the vehicle moves slowly will help dry them.

Remember good car maintenance will go a long way to keeping you safe on the roads this Winter.

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