I use my car for work; do I need to insure it for business use?

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Driving your car to work is covered by a commuting clause in your insurance policy. If you drive your vehicle to and from work but are only insured for social and domestic pleasure, then you aren’t insured to drive to and from work. Equally when you drive your car around for work, it isn’t the same as commuting.

Business Use

When you drive your vehicle for work there are often higher risks for an insurance company than when you are driving for social or domestic pleasure. You can be carrying equipment as well as other passengers, driving at riskier times, be under pressure to get between locations in a short period of time or find yourself driving on unfamiliar roads. If you are being asked to drive for work and you can’t afford to add business use to your insurance policy, then you may want to ask the company you work for to provide you with a hire car.

Business use of your vehicle ranges from people who are child minders to sales reps and estate agents and there are different levels of business insurance available depending on how you use your vehicle for work.

Risk of Driving Uninsured

If you are driving your vehicle for work without being insured, if you do end up in an accident then you can end up being out of pocket covering to cost of any repairs and may even face having to cover legal expenses as well as the legal penalties for driving without insurance.

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