If I damage my company car, do I have to tell my private insurer?

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As a company car driver, it’s difficult to know how much you need to tell your private insurer. As a general rule, if you are involved in a minor accident in which a small amount of damage was incurred and you paid for any repairs yourself, you don’t need to involve your insurer.

However, if it is a more serious accident and insurance companies become involved, things get more complicated. While it may be tempting to leave it to your company insurer and not mention it to your own provider, in order to protect your no claims bonus – doing so could be very risky.

Failing to tell your insurer about an accident which involved a claim can be considered as withholding vital information which insurance companies require to accurately assess your risk. If your provider finds out about a claim you haven’t told them about, they may decide to declare your personal policy void – which may inhibit you in the future.

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