Tips for choosing whether to drive a diesel, petrol hybrid or electric vehicle

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Car engine for Well Dunn blogYour car is certainly one of the most expensive assets of your life and hence it involves a huge share of considerations as you look forward to invest in one. The ownership & maintenance cost as well as the efficiency of the wheeler are two major factors. Traditionally, the potential car buyers were divided between buying petrol or diesel cars. But with the invent of electronic motor operated engines, the car buyers have further got the options of hybrid and electric vehicle as well. So, which one would you choose; petrol, diesel or the more advanced hybrid or EV? Well, each of them has its own set of advantages and drawbacks and the post below analyses all of them so that you can easily find the perfect option for your garage.



Petrol VS Diesel

Petrol cars assure cheap ownership costs no doubt compared to other types of cars. Moreover, petrol engine is usually quiet. On the other hand, diesel cars are really expensive over the petrol options & the diesel fuel too would cost more compared to petrol fuel in UK. Then, diesel cars are noisier over petrol.


But then, the common trend among smart car owners is to opt for diesel over petrol. One of the main reasons here is that the diesel option is always more fuel-efficient compared to petrol cars, especially on your long journeys. When you have to drive for miles, it would be wiser to pay more upfront & take to diesel. Besides, the good news is that the diesel options today are relatively quieter than they were previously. 


So, if you are up for long journeys, diesel cars are the one for you. But in case, you don’t drive longer miles and use your car occasionally, then you can save your money by investing in a cheaper petrol option.

Think about the environment

It’s not just the cost or the miles that would be on your list while choosing your vehicle. As  a conscious citizen, you must pay heed to the environmental concerns as well, especially, when the fuel-driven cars highly account for the staggering global warming. Petrol & diesel-run vehicles emit nearly 24 lbs CO2 & other global-warming gases which have led to severe air pollution associated health hazards in the contemporary society. Around 5 lbs of CO2 emission comes from extraction, production & delivery of fuel whilst the maximum bulk is emitted from car’s tailpipe. As per the reports of ICCT, on-road emissions by modern diesel-run cars are 7x higher compared to the level formatted by Euro 6 emission regulations.

Hybrid & Electronic vehicles are a green choice

Keeping in mind the constant warning of environmentalists, the auto makers today have come up with hybrid & electric vehicle that just partly or don’t rely on the air polluting fuel. While the electronic vehicles are fully run by electric power, the hybrid vehicles partly run on gasoline & partly on electric charge. Yes, both the types would look initially costly over the conventional petrol & diesel options. But your investment here would at least save you from abetting further CO2 emission and air pollution leading to harmful global warming.

Less maintenance

Added from being a green option, the electric vehicle also assures less maintenance costs compared to gas-driven vehicles. The gas vehicles would call for frequent oil changes and tune-ups at periodic intervals. But electronic vehicles have no such demands and the maintenance part is really simple here- just periodic tyre rotation & replacement of windshield wiper-blade. Thanks to its, single-speed gearboxes & sealed motors carrying limited moving parts, you would be saved from expensive-to-repair transmissions with your electric vehicle.

Less pricey brake jobs

Both hybrid & electric vehicle are backed by regenerative brake system which can slow down the vehicle to complete stop (almost) before mechanical brake has to act. This in turn assures extended life for mechanical brakes & also relieves you from the pricey brake jobs.

Hybrid or Electric

If you are concerned about the environment, it’s natural that you prefer to opt for hybrid or electric vehicle over completely fuel-driven petrol or diesel cars. However, there are differences between the hybrid & electric vehicles. To start with, the electric vehicles are definitely more eco-friendly than the hybrid option as it partly runs on gas.

On the other hand, hybrid wins over electric vehicle when it comes to range. The electric cars would be able to travel as long as their batteries allow. The EVs will run up to 70 miles maximum on single charge while a hybrid cars can cover further range because when its battery slows down, it has the gasoline backup to cover the longer distance. However, the good news is that, many automakers today are offering home-chargers to electric vehicle owners and there are plans for more and more public charging stations on road.

It’s to stress here that lack of variety is a big concern with the hybrid vehicles. It’s because, the drivers today are getting increasingly environment conscious and they prefer the full electric experience which would be free from harmful emissions – resulting in a safer planet. Following the potential buyers, the automakers too are more interested in manufacturing electronic vehicles in large numbers today over the hybrid options. According to market reports, by 2020, electronic vehicles would be dominating over the automotive market with more numbers of vehicles and increased charging stations.

Wrapping up

The car you will choose would be largely determined by your driving needs, your budget and also by how much you are ready to contribute for the environment. From the above discussion it’s clear that petrol cars are cheaper & convenient for limited journeys while diesel options are better for drivers who are concerned about fuel-efficiency and a smooth ride over long journeys. But as both the options are harmful for the environment, hybrid or electric vehicle would mean a nobler alternative. However, both these green options would take some time to cover the long range as assured by diesel options. So, it’s advised not to have an electric vehicle as your primary car but it would be a fantastic choice if you already have a fuel-driven car for longer rides.

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