Top 5 best cars of 2015 for company car drivers

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Choosing a company car often comes down to cost but check out the 5 top picks we recommend.

Under £15,000

The Mini One – 3dr

If you are in the market for a great looking comfortable driver, look no further than the MINI One. Although you will be picking up a basic model for your money, it’s still worth every penny.

The lower engine size will mean lower petrol costs too.

15,000- 20,000

Vauxhall Insignia

If you’ve never considered the Insignia, now is the time. For the price tag, you get an executive feeling car for the price of a hatchback. The latest versions have very efficient engines in them meaning low emissions and low tax whilst also offering great extra such as cruise control and Dab radio at very reasonable costs.

20,000 – 25,000

VW Scirocco

It looks fantastic and it a VW.

We all know that VW make fantastic hatchbacks and this one is no different. If you have this kind of budget and are looking for a nice nippy hatchback, it’s the obvious choice.

25,000 – 30,000

Range Rover Evoque

If you’ve got some budget to throw at your company car, you have a great choice available to you. From sporty models like the TT through to the powerful Range Roger Evoque. This SUV looks great on the road and is a comfortable drive with great views above the road. Don’t worry though, it’s not a 4×4 so you shouldn’t fear it and will take the motorways in style.

Over 30,000

Audi A7

The World is your oyster if you have over £30,000 available. For circa £45,000 you could be driving the stylish Audi A7. The efficient engines on these cars make them a great choice for fuel consumption but are arguably some of the best looking cars on the market.

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