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When it comes to selecting the best economy cars for the UK roads, the fuel and mileage factors are the first things to be considered. Although the fuel prices might be a low and steadily decreasing, it is what keeps the car shoppers in the UK bustling around when they intend to buy a new car. You will be surprised to know that the best economy cars do not always have to do with the size of the car. With this exhaustive list, we have listed an SUV which is super economic and runs on low maintenance cost.

The below list gives you an insight into the top five best economy cars in the UK and it is to be noted that all of these vehicles are frugal diesel cars. Keeping in mind, the perennial favourites of the UK motorists as well as the newly manufactured vehicles, this list has it all.

  1. Peugeot 208 1.6 Blue HDI

This car tops the list of the best economic cars with the French automobile manufacturer manufacturing one of the most efficient non hybrid engine with the 1.6 Blue HDI model achieving about 94.1 mpg and 79g/km of CO2. This vehicle has an exquisite start-stop technology wherein the engine can be paused when you are at a traffic signal and returns to a spectacular 94.2 mpg. A prefit aerodynamic spoiler makes the navigation super smooth. The special tyres are immediately put to use with the engine. The Peugeot wins brownie points for it’s superb interiors. This model is available in both diesel and petrol versions, with our recommendation being the 118 bhp diesel with 78.5 mpg. The Euro NCAP has offered five stars to the Peugot 208 which means that there is hardly any concern with this vehicle as far as safety is concerned.

  1. Citroen C4 Cactus SUV

With the stylish rubber panels to secure the car against parking dents combined with a out of the box bold styling, the rugged C4 Cactus SUV is built for the tough roads. The interiors are spacious and practical as can be. The light weight of the vehicle promotes fuel consumption. C4 Cactus SUV is available in 1.2 litres and 1.6 litres petrol capacity however the Blue HDi 1.6 model offers 83.1 mpg with a 90g/km CO2 emission. This car is manufactured keeping the comfort of driving as priority over sportiness and adventure. As far as SUVs are concerned, almost no other automobile manufacturers provide such an upbeat, stylish and fuel efficient vehicle at such a competitive price. The Citroen C4 Cactus SUV is considered one of the best economy cars as within the price range, it is equipped with DAB Radio, cruise control, electric front windows, alloy wheels, a touch screen infotainment system, leather trims and Bluetooth connectivity.

  1. Toyota Prius Hybrid Hatchback

The list of the best economy cars would not be complete with the inclusion of a hybrid car and when it comes to discussing the topic of hybrid vehicles, the Toyota Prius will definitely be talked about owing to it being the world’s oldest mass produced hybrid vehicle. This five seater hybrid vehicle can be driven on electricity for upto two miles and basically provides as a support system for the 1.8 litres engine capacity. Today Toyota Prius is available in two versions – the Prius Plug in hybrid and the Standard Prius Hybrid. The manufacturer claims that the Prius can travel up to 15.5 miles if completely charged from a house hold socket. Therefore, for motorists who generally travel comparatively shorter distances, the Toyota Prius Hybrid Hatchback is an exceptionally economical car. Completed with traction control, airbags and anti lock brakes, this car has clearly the safety and the crash tests with elan and achieved at full five star rating from Euro NCAP.

  1. BMW i3 Hatchback

The BMW i3 Hatchback exhibits radical looks and is manufactured with the light weight carbon fibre material similar to the F1 style lightweight. The best part of the BMW i3 Hatchback is that it has ushered a steady dependence on electric cars. You can use household sockets to charge this vehicle but once the battery has exhausted, a tiny petrol engine recharges the battery instantly to keep you going. This means that the BMW i3 Hatchback has a range of more than 200 miles with a full charge and a full tank and claims to have 470 mpg of fuel economy. The futuristic look adds to the popularity of this car. The design comprises of a fat floor and back doors which hinge from the rear instead of the front. Each model of the BMW i3 Hatchback comes with automatic headlights, Sat-navs, DAB digital radio and parking sensors. The interior is beautiful however has space for four people and a really small boot.

  1. Hyundai i20

Practicality and space are the two most important features of the Hyundai i20. This car had a spacious boot and surprisingly extremely spacious interiors. We recommend the 1.4 litres diesel model over the Sporty version which is ideal for drivers who cover long journeys frequently. Alternately, you could also opt for the 1.1 litre diesel engine capacity five door model. With no road tax to pay coupled with a spectacular 88 mpg, the Hyundai i20 is definitely one of the most economic cars to drive on the UK roads. The light steering makes navigation super simple and parking is hassle free. The new i20 is sleek and stylish with a distinctive and modern front end. You can choose from a three door coupe or a five door model although the three door looks chic. And the best is yet to come – Hyundai offers a five year unlimited mileage warranty to the owners of Hyundai i20 which translates for a worry free driving experience.

All the big names in the UK automobile manufacturing industry are battling it out to come up with best economy cars offering outstanding mpg, sturdy structure and impeccable style. It is imperative for you to conduct an appropriate research on the internet, should you wish to buy a car which will meet all your needs and expectations.

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