What age restrictions are there on fleet insurance?

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Strictly speaking, there are no age restrictions on fleet insurance – but there are conditions.

Most insurers operate on an Any Driver Over 21 or Any Driver Over 25 basis – but this does not mean younger drivers cannot access fleet insurance.

If you are a business owner with a fleet of vehicles and you have a number of drivers who are over 21 and two who are younger, you can take out an Any Driver Over 21 policy and add on the younger drivers separately. Equally, if you are a young business owner with two or more vehicles which you wish to insure on a fleet policy, you can take out an Any Driver Over 21 or 25 policy and add yourself on separately as a named driver.

While it will always cost a little more to insure a driver under 21 on a fleet insurance policy, Well Dunn Insurance is extremely experienced in this sector of the insurance market – so we can find great rates where other insurers can’t. Moreover, our specialism in this area means we have access to a range of products and can always adapt to your unique circumstances.

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