What is a double cab?

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You may find that when you are looking for a new car you come across the term ‘Double Cab’ but you don’t know what it means. Double cab is a fairly new term when it comes to describing vehicles, but it isn’t a new feature or optional extra that has been added to all vehicles.

A Double Cab

A double cab is a term that is used by the vehicle manufacturers, such as Toyota to describe their four door pick-up trucks. This is a term that isn’t used as standard though by all car manufacturers, though there are other terms that are used to describe four and five seater pick-up trucks. Nissan, Chevrolet and GMC all refer to four door pick-up trucks as Crew Cab trucks rather than Double Cab trucks. Dodge uses the term Quad Cab and Ford refers to them as SuperCrew pick-ups.

The term Double Cab is recognised as being the generic term to describe four door pick-up trucks. These types of pick-up trucks are classified as vans by the HMRC rather than cars which means if you are using a double cab pick-up for business as well as private mileage you will have to pay tax on the vehicle.

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