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With the clocks going back the other week, we are well and truly primed for Winter.

It is a really important time to ensure that your vehicles are in the best condition they can be before the weather closes in.

To help out, we’ve compiled a short list of things to check to ensure your vehicles are in great shape this Winter.

Anti-freeze – Make sure you use the correct concentration for winter months to stop your engine’s coolant from freezing when the temperatures drop.

Brakes – It’s obvious why your brakes need to be in great condition for winter. Keep an eye on any changes you feel with your brakes and take the car straight to a garage if you suspect anything may need looking at.

Tyres – Just like your brakes, you condition of your tyres could mean the difference between stopping safely and being involved in an accident. Make sure you have at least the legal tread of 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the breadth of the tyre and that they are inflated to the manufacturers specifications. Make sure you check your spare tyre too as you never know when you may need to use it.

Lights – Ensuring lights are working, visible and free from any damage is important when driving in the dark. Lights can be fixed very easily and cheaply at home or by popping into a local car parts shop.

Screenwash – Your screen wash should contain a special anti-freeze to ensure the water used to clear your screen doesn’t free. When the gritters have been around, salt often sprays onto the screens leaving visibility low.

Windscreen Wipers – These are very easy to check and replace if needed. Look for any wear or cracking on the rubber of the wiper blades that may hinder their effectiveness.

Windscreen – If you have any chips in your windscreen, now is the time to get them filled. As water freezes in chips, it can often result in larger cracks. These repairs are often covered as part of your insurance policy, so check or give us a call if you need any more information.

Battery – Over winter, it is especially important that you keep the battery fully charged to ensure you are not stranded in bad weather. It’s also advisable that you check the terminals to ensure they are clear and free of debris and decay. If your battery looks like it may need replacing, visit your local car parts shop who will be happy to take a look.

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