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Any Driver Over 21 Fleet

Any driver over 21 fleet cover

Many brokers can only offer fleet cover for those aged 25 or over. However, with our policies, you can choose to have drivers as young as 21 covered on your insurance.

This added extra flexibility allows you to cover most or all of your staff on any of your business vehicles. We can also offer policies for any driver over 25, or any driver over 30 if this would be more appropriate. We can also offer any driver insurance on some single Commercial Vehicles.

Why is this not covered by all brokers and insurers?

Unfortunately, many insurers see young drivers as being more prone to accidents due to a lack of driving experience. We appreciate that this isn’t always true and that you are the best to judge whether your younger members of staff should be trusted in your vehicles. This is why we have sought insurers that understand this too and are willing to offer younger drivers the cover as part of your fleet insurance.

Do you have fleet insurance?

If yes, you will already be aware of the advantages it gives you over insuring your business vehicles separately.

If no, visit our page about starting your new fleet policy with Well Dunn.

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