How many vehicles do I need for a fleet policy?

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At Well Dunn Insurance, we can provide fleet policies for as little as two vehicles. We can also provide fleet insurance for any driver over 21, where many insurers will require drivers to be over 25. The main stipulation of a fleet policy is that the vehicles must be registered in your company name, or in the name of a company director or partner. Well Dunn does not offer personal or family fleet policies, all vehicles must be for business use.

However, a fleet policy can consist of any vehicles, including cars, vans and lorries. It is also possible to mix the type of vehicles you have on a fleet policy, for example, three vans, two lorries and a car could all be covered by one fleet policy. The benefit of taking out fleet insurance to business owners is simplicity; in that all vehicles are covered in one policy and are renewed on the same day. Organising insurance can be stressful and time-consuming, but Well Dunn can do all the hard work on your behalf and will find affordable insurance for all of your vehicles, covered by one, simple policy.

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