What can I do to bring down the cost of my Fleet Insurance?

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There are a number of ways you can bring down the cost of your Fleet Insurance, the three main ones being the implementation of fleet management, reducing your claims/loss ratio and introducing driving restrictions.

Fleet management – Fleet management is essentially looking after your vehicles and making sure your drivers are well informed about their responsibilities, know how to report a fault or accident and understand what your fatigue policy is. Fleet management also involves keeping abreast of any penalty endorsements your drivers have, introducing a drivers’ handbook and ensuring drivers are aware of your health and safety policy.

Claims/loss ratio – If you are constantly making claims for small items such a wing mirrors or scratches, the cost of your Fleet Insurance will go up as a result. But if you can afford to pay for small repairs privately, you can effectively keep down the cost of your Fleet Insurance.

Driving restrictions – If you do not need to have young drivers insured on your Fleet Insurance policy, don’t. Having an ‘Any Driver Over 25’ or ‘Any Driver Over 30’ policy can drastically reduce the cost of your Fleet Insurance and is often very simple, as many people only have older drivers anyway.

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