What is Land Liability Insurance?

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Land Liability Insurance provides legal protection in the event that a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property while on your land.

Land Liability Insurance is a precaution worth taking for landowners as it is a little-known fact that it’s not only invited guests who can make a claim against you if they suffer an injury while on your land – trespassers can too. Indeed, there have been cases of people taking short cuts through private land, cutting themselves on broken glass or a nail sticking out of some wood and then successfully suing the landowner.

Private roads, private car parks and land surrounding shops, offices and residential buildings can all be subject to land liability claims, meaning Land Liability Insurance is wide-ranging in its scope.

Land liability claims are often made through no-win-no-fee solicitors – so even if the claimant does not win, the case could still run up substantial legal costs for the land owner.

Visit our Land Liability Insurance page for more information or a quote.

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