What type of vehicles can I have on a Fleet Insurance policy?

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At Well Dunn Insurance, we can insure almost any vehicle on a Fleet Insurance policy.

From cars and vans, to trucks and special types vehicles, we can cover them all. Well Dunn Insurance can also arrange for a range of vehicles to be insured on a fleet policy, for example, if you are a haulage contractor with a range of lorries as well as a number of vans and cars, we can arrange for them to be covered on a singular fleet policy.

A singular, comprehensive policy can be of benefit to business owners, as insuring all vehicles together in one place results in a significant reduction in paper work and one annual renewal date can save fleet owners a considerable amount of time and work.

The only vehicles Well Dunn Insurance cannot really arrange cover for as part of a Fleet Insurance policy are motorbikes. However, we have not ruled out the possibility of doing so in future.

For more information or a quote, visit our Fleet Insurance page.

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