Does the type of tenant I rent my property to affect the price of my residential let insurance?

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The simple answer, unfortunately, is yes. Rightly or wrongly, insurers and underwriters tend to view DSS, asylum seeker and student tenants as a greater risk. While professional, working people are perceived by insurers and underwriters to be more morally sound and therefore more likely to look after the property they are renting. Unfortunately, this perception that high risk tenants such as asylum seekers and students are less likely to treat a property with care makes them more of a fire risk, which has a highly detrimental effect on the cost of your Residential Let Insurance premium.

Fortunately, Well Dunn Insurance is different. We specialise in this sector of the insurance market, which means we have a high level of experience and industry knowledge, which we use to the advantage of our customers. Our relationships with numerous top insurers ensures that we can always find an appropriate insurer to take on a Residential Let Insurance policy, no matter how high risk the tenants are perceived to be. Moreover, our close-working relationships with these insurers means we can always negotiate to get the most competitive price for our customers.

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