Why do I need Residential Let Insurance?

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The vast majority of mortgage lenders make Residential Let Insurance part of their mortgage agreements with landlords, therefore insurance is a key requirement if you are not buying a property outright. Mortgage providers insist landlords provide evidence of Residential Let Insurance because they need to ensure they can recoup their losses if, for example, your property should be destroyed in a fire.

Residential Let Insurance is also essential as a means of protecting your property. No matter how well you know your tenants, no one will ever look after your property as well as you would, which is why investing in insurance which will cover you in case of theft, fire or accidental damage is essential.

Residential Let Insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. Well Dunn Insurance specialises in providing competitively-priced cover, which is tailored to your individual requirements.

For more information on Residential Let Insurance from Well Dunn, visit our policy page.

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