Most Reliable Car Makers In The UK

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The Car manufacturer reliability index in the UK considers all aspects of repair, cost of the spare parts of the car and the frequency of it’s failures. The Average of all cars is considered 100, which implies that the higher the average index the car is less reliable and the lower the average index, it is more reliable. The reliability index of the manufacturers has been arrived at, after considering all the models of cars from them. All the car manufacturers can give an occasional miss in one feature of a particular car or two, however, this rating should render the confidence in you to consider an upgraded model of the same vehicle or look for an alternative model of the same manufacturer or encourage you to consider similar cars from other manufacturers. Due to this aspect, even a single low or a high can overall affect the reliability score of a particular manufacturer.

The analysis also established that electrical faults were the predominant reason for the cars to be sent for repairing and contributes to about 25%, followed by suspension and axie faults which contribute to 22% of the repair work.

Below is the list of the 10 most reliable car makers in the UK.

  1. Honda

The Japanese manufacturer has been considered one of the most reliable car makers in the UK, nine times in a row as mentioned in the annual data which analysed 50000 car insurance policies of cars within the age of three to eight years. Honda’s top position is by virtue of the fact that the cars from this manufacturer have the least failure rates and even if they do, they cost of repairing them is relatively inexpensive. Amongst all the cars manufactured by Honda, Jazz is by far the most reputed and reliable car in the UK.

  1. Suzuki

The Suzuki manufactured cars considered as a part of the survey exhibited an average age of 4.5 years, running an average mileage of 35,600 with 19% opting for a warranty claim. The average repairing cost of the cars from Suzuki was GBP 265. Also, the cars from the reliable car makers had the least of problems related to interior heating and engine cooling. The Suzuki Alto, is by far the cheapest new car in the UK priced at just under GBP 6000. This car has a reliability score of 8 and there is a 10% chance of getting a repair during the warranty period.

  1. Toyota

Toyota has been faring exceptionally well in the UK automobile market and ranks as one of the most reliable car makers in the nation. The reliability score is around 42 and the average age of the cars 4.77 years running an average mileage of 38,081 miles. The repair cost is slightly higher, about GBP 300. The Toyota Auris is by far the most celebrated car manufactured by the brand.


  1. Tesla

In the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Tesla Model S won the award for the best car to own in Britain placing the car manufacturer to be one of the most reliable car makers in the UK. The major aspects considered were road handling, rapid acceleration, practicality, roomy boot, performance, maintenance cost, seat comfort, ease of driving and the in-car technology.

  1. Lexus

Lexus is considered to be one of the best brands in the UK car manufacturing market, owing to it’s ability to manufacture plush, quiet and trustworthy vehicles. It’s models IS Mk3, GSMk3 and Mk4 and RX Mk2 and Mk3 ranks in the top 100 cars. Ease of driving and comfort rakes as the most important selling points for these reliable car makers.

  1. Dacia

Dacia scores in the UK Car Manufacturing industry owing to it’s optimum running costs. The spacious interiors and the overall value for money plays a contributing factor towards this manufacturer securing the top position along with the rest of the car manufacturer in Britain. This brand has predominantly earned it’s repute from it’s models Duster and Logan MCV.

  1. Mazda

Mazda built a repute for themselves with economical cars and trucks over the past couple of decades and has slowly ventured into manufacturing sedans and crossover SUVs which have longer life spans and are extremely fuel efficient. The reasonably priced vehicles along with the long life contribute to the overall reliability of this car manufacturer in the UK.

  1. Nissan

Having just crossed it’s eightieth year in the car manufacturing industry, this Japanese car manufacturer has a strong built repute for manufacturing economical cars, sports vehicles, SUVs and trucks. Being one of the most reliable car makers of the world, the Nissan cars are often rated highly by consumers and critics alike. The reliability is top notch, reaching 195, 593 miles before hitting zero value. The latest feather on it’s cap is the Nissan Leaf, one of the most accomplished and most sold electric cars in the UK.

  1. Ford

Often considered as one of the greatest reliable car makers, this American manufacturer has gained wide world reputation for the reliability of their cars, let alone the UK automobile industry. With an impressive average running miles of 198, 409, Ford is one of the toughest automobile manufacturing competitors across UK.

  1. Chevrolet

Chevrolet has been considered one of the most reliable car makers in the UK since 2011. The cars typically are known to break down less frequently as it’s competitors and the average cost of repair work is GBP 196. Although Honda rakes much higher than Chevrolet in terms of reliability, the data still reflects that Chevrolet is definitely one of the most reliable car manufacturers in the UK.

The UK’s automobile sector is gaining momentum after the fall of Rover more than a decade ago. The aim of the investors and the Government is to maintain an innovative environment and increasing the sourcing which will help build a world class base for production and supply. Much of innovation and technology has given way in terms of building electric and driver less cars which are being manufactured by some of the biggest car manufacturers listed above and extensively tested on the UK roads for a smooth and fast introduction in the market.

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