Highest Insurance Priced Locations In The UK

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A detailed research on over a million of car insurance quotes over the past one year has revealed that residents in some areas of the UK pay more towards car insurance as compared to the rest of the country while some enjoy the cheapest of quotes. Areas such as Manchester and Birmingham feature in the hardest hitting areas and pay on an average of GBP 500 more than certain regions in Scotland which enjoy the lowest of car insurance premiums.

Some of the areas with high insurance prices in the UK are;  Small Health, Balsal Health, Sparkhill, Washwood Health, Satley and Ward End in Birmingham, Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Longsight, Chortlon-on-Medlock and Ardwick in Manchester, Fairfield, Kensington and Edgehill in Liverpool, Lower Grange, Manningham and Girlington in Bradford, Manor Park in London and Belfast and Falls in the Northern Ireland.

According to the statistics revealed from research, the postcodes near James Turner Street in Birmingham feature at the top of the list of the areas paying high insurance prices. Birmingham is also known for whiplash and fake insurance claims, which contributes to about £90 more to the insurance holders of this region.

The average lowest quote for the expensive areas such as Longston and Ardwick in the UK is about £900 while that of certain areas in Scotland such as Elgin and Dundee pay approximately £400 towards their car insurance. And to top them all, are the motorists in London who pay an average of about £922, which is four times more than the motorists of Isle of Man, who pay an average of £230 towards their car insurance premium.

Research has also revealed that currently the least expensive city in the UK for car insurance premium is Aberdeen. The price of an insurance policy for a BMW 3 Series in an area called Bordesley Green in Birmingham B9, currently the topmost area with high insurance prices paying was calculated at £1101 wherein the same vehicle at Aberdeen city Centre was evaluated at £157. Some of the other UK cities with considerable low car insurance costs are Plymouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Cambridge, Lancaster and Brighton and Hove, all of where the car insurance policy for the same vehicle is under £200.

The 2016 trends for comprehensive car insurance                                                                  

Research has revealed that an average of £671 is paid by the whole of UK towards their comprehensive car insurance policy, out of which £1086 is contributed by Inner London area and £886 is paid by Manchester and Merseyside. £860 is paid by Outer London while £832 is paid by West Midlands. Northern Islands contribute £808.

Therefore, currently Inner London serves as the most expensive area for high insurance prices for comprehensive car insurance cover in the UK and demonstrated an increase of £1 in the first quarter of 2016 as against the fourth quarter of 2015.

How does the area one lives in contribute to the increased car insurance premium?

A number of aspects contribute to why the insurance price is hiked in some regions as compared to the rest. The primary reason is claim histories and risk factors. Since urban areas such as Manchester and Birmingham are inhabited by a large number of people, the crime rates and accidents will naturally be more than a suburban or a rural area in Scotland. This system could actually work negatively for many motorists, who in spite of being safe and responsible drivers, end up paying as much as the rest, simply by virtue of the location they reside in. Otherwise, if individual circumstances were to be considered, they would not have paid such high insurance prices.

How can you cut the cost of your insurance premium?

When you live in a high risk area, there is not much you can do about high insurance prices however below we have listed a few hacks which can provide useful in bringing down the cost of your insurance premium considerably.

  • Consider reducing your mileage

The number of miles which your car runs each year is a major contributor towards calculating your car insurance premium, therefore look for alternative options such as carpool or taking any other means of transport to work twice or thrice a week to bring down the cost of your high insurance prices.

  • Park your car in a secured place at night

If your car remains parked in a garage or a driveway, safe and secured, your car insurance premium can be lower as this minimizes the chances of the vehicle being stolen or vandalized or damaged by another vehicle. Also, securing your vehicle with immobilizer and an alarm system can effectively reduce the cost of your insurance premium.

  • Add an experienced driver

Adding an older and a more experienced motorist is a great way to reduce high insurance prices, especially if you are young and have been driving only for a couple of years. However, this driver needs to be enlisted as the main driver in your policy insurance form and therefore, ensure that your vehicle is not insured in his name in case you are the main driver. This is an illegal practice, popularly known as fronting and can even lead to cancellation of your claims and invalidating the policy altogether.

  • Consider paying a higher excess

If you agree to pay a higher excess, your premium will be reduced considerably however, do bear in mind that you will have to pay the excess amount in the event of a claim, therefore ensure that you understand the process before committing towards paying the higher excess.

  • Ensure that your car has no modifications and runs on a small engine

It is imperative that the bigger and the more complex your car is, the higher insurance prices you would have to pay. If your car is of a higher version, has numerous modifications, exhibits a sporty look and runs on a sturdy engine, you will pay a higher amount towards your insurance policy

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